The following individuals and organizations have assisted greatly in this endeavor. Also, the listed publications have proven to be a fine source for information which otherwise might never have come to light.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Tuttle Holsman

Barry Holsman

Henrietta Holsman

David Kolzow

Ralph Dunwoodie

Ryan DeVries

The many individual Holsman owners with whom I have had contact, by letter, telephone and in person.

AACA Library & Research Center

Deschutes Historical Center, Bend, Oregon

Ford Transportation Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

Holsman Literature 1903-1910

Holsman factory records

Horseless Age

Memoryville USA (museum), Rolla, Missouri

Motor Age

MoToRs Annual Motor Car Directories

The Motor-Car Journal, England, 1903

National Motor Museum Library, Beaulieu, England

Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Alberta, Canada

Roy Tetslaff’s tape interview with H.K. Holsman

Scientific American 1902-1910

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

South Dakota Historical Society, Pierre, SD